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Welcome to Shen Nova Wellness and Medical Massage, LLC!!

Many people who are constantly under tremendous stress from work and/or home experiencing mental burnout, physical fatigue, sleeplessness or muscle and joint pain and yet they sometimes think these symptoms will go away naturally or they simply can't find time to see a therapist to help them improve these conditions. It reminds me of those whose cars are flashing with warning lights in the dash or seeing smoke sipping out of the hood and yet continue to drive their cars thinking them warning lights or engine smoke will eventually go away, or they have no time to take them to a garage. Of course, I am exaggerating a little, I am sure the car owners will definitely take their cars to a garage to have them checked and fixed. But frequently we do deny ourselves of recognizing our body signals and let them go unchecked and deteriorate. The bad news is that we can replace a car engine any time, but unfortunately, we have only one body.  Once the conditions become chronic, we may have to live with the pain for a long time.

If you already know about the benefit of massage therapy but have not given yourself a chance to experience it, may be now is the time for you to see a massage therapist.  If you are not aware of the benefit of massage therapy, please refer to the Benefit of Massage page and learn how it would benefit your mental and physical being and rejuvenate your life.  Massage therapy is not just for pleasure, like you may have one in a spa during vacation, it actually promotes healing, reduces muscle inflammation and physical and mental stress that we experience daily at work or at home.  There are numerous medical research publications that support these findings. The medical communities recognize the benefit of massage therapy and view it as an important part of the overall health care system.

Shen Nova Wellness & Medical Massage, LLC is here with a goal to provide you integrated massage therapy of the highest quality.  Each massage session is individually tailored to meet your needs and expectation at a very affordable price.  We do not have a high pressured financial budget to meet like some franchise operations do.  We give you the full minutes booked and sometimes we work over a little without additional charges until the treatment is complete. We are ethical and licensed professionals and here to serve.  We want you to walk out of the session realizing how much better your body feels and that you deserves the time spent here and definitely want to come back again and again.  Helping you to upkeep your physical and mental wellness and providing a sensible pain management for you without drugs is our mission.

Shen Nova Wellness & Medical Massage,LLC serves you in two locations: Woodstock in Shenandoah County and Salon Essence in Ashburn, Loudoun County, Va. At both locations appointments are required but we welcome walk-ins at Salon Essence in Ashburn.

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