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 By M.O., Ashburn, Va 2012

“I must say that Tom at Salon Essence is one of my favorite massage therapists.  I have used deep tissue massage for over 20 years to offset the muscle strains of competitive sports and now the minor injuries and lingering soreness from fitness activities in my middle-age years.  Tom’s technique is excellent.  I am so impressed with how he has helped me that, for the very first time in my life, I schedule my massages as frequently as getting my hair cut.  I used to say I could never understand how someone could only do an hour massage (when I was scheduling 80-90 minute massages).  With Tom, I now do two hour massages!  It may sound like a long time, but, for someone who really wants a thorough deep tissue massage over virtually the entire body, every one of these minutes is valuable.  I’m sure Tom could easily do a relaxing Swedish massage, but, if you’re really looking for health benefits, his deep tissue massages can’t be beat.”


By J.S., Ashburn, Va 2012

“My husband found the most amazing massage therapist, Tom, at Salon Essence in Ashburn, VA, and now we are both getting massages there.  I travel with work and when I walk out of my massage, I feel lighter, relaxed and with much better circulation.  I am refueled to take on the week with a refreshed body and mind.  Tom is a well-trained ‘medical’ massage therapist who blends Eastern and Western techniques. Even though I don’t have serious medical issues, I benefit from his expertise and highly recommend him.”


By V.H. Woodstock, Va 2011

" I was experiencing extreme headaches, menopausal symptoms and dealing with a lot of stress in my life. I had not had a full body massage before and was a bit uneasy about the procedure. I became so distraught with my circumstances that I knew I had to do something. I called Tom and for the first massage he came to my house. It was amazing. He was very professional and I soon began to relax. The massage was so beneficial to me physically, emotionally and mentally. I would recommend you try a massage from will sleep like a baby and be very glad you made this decision."


By L.W. Stephen City, Va 2010

" I am a nurse administrator in a huge medical system in Winchester, Va. My job demands a lot out of me and my difficult-to-get-along boss makes my job that much more challenging on daily basis. I have been so stressed out that I experience depression on and off and suffer from chronic neck and lower back pain. Sometimes I don't want to get up and I limp to work. I have gone through years of physical therapy and receiving chiropractic treatments and my pain condition persists.  I never heard of Medical Massage until a co-worker told me about his wife receiving such treatment from a friend who is a certified medical massage therapist. I went to see him and had treatment sessions twice a month for about a month and then sessions spaced out to once every 3 weeks then to once a month for maintenance.  My job is still stressful but my neck and lower back pain is substantially reduced to a manageable level. I can relax and I'm now more focused on other things in life such as trying to have a baby.  I can see how massage has help rebuild my body and mind. I am still seeing Tom once a month. He has been wonderful and a caring therapist, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to any one who needs medical massage treatments. It makes a big difference to me. I am sure will be to you too.

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